Upcoming Professional Development

Attention teacher-librarians, library contacts, and library enthusiasts on PEI! Our upcoming joint staff PD day (November 3) is a perfect opportunity for you to come and meet with other TLs across the province.

We especially encourage new library contacts to join us; we have been hearing lots of comments about people feeling like they shouldn’t be attending the PEITLA meetings or PD days because “I don’t really know what I’m doing” or “I don’t have my TL certification” or “I’m just covering for someone.” All the more reason to join us! It’s a perfect opportunity to ask all those questions and learn what other people are doing, especially those who have limited time in the library. How do you make it all work when you only have half an hour each day? Let’s talk about it!

Click the link below to see the (tentative) schedule for the day, then see below that for more info.

Nov 3 Day_2

Roseanne’s presentation: Roseanne does the selection of materials for the youth sections of the public libraries. We know that many people have trouble deciding what to order, who to order from, what to replace, and how many copies of each title to order. Roseanne is going to come in and help us with all that! If you have advance questions, feel free to email them to peitlassociation@gmail.com

Round table discussions: Some of us have (thankfully) seen increases in our time and are now looking for great lesson plans that have been successful for others. What do you do when you get actual teaching time in the library? If you have some plans that have worked for you in the past, please bring them along and we’ll share! Don’t worry if you don’t have any— we’re sure the conversation will spark some ideas!

Best practices in weeding: Our gracious host has inherited a library that needs some reorganization. Stick around to help Kara Risley- Champion weed and reorganize the VRCS library. This session will be a hands-on discussion based activity— why weed this? Why keep that? We all know it can be hard to get rid of books but it’s so necessary!

Best practices in collection development: Head in to Indigo Charlottetown and work with other TLs to develop a wishlist for your school library. If you have money to spend, it’s a great opportunity to shop (and yes, Indigo does accept school purchase orders)! Indigo generally gives school libraries a good discount, and they have been notified that we may be coming so they’ll have an employee ready to assist. While you’re there, ask about hosting an in-store FUNdraiser to support your school library collection.

LUNCH: : Let’s be honest. We want everyone to come and participate, so we’re bribing you with a catered lunch!

Please contact one of the executive members (Angela Arsenault, Nadine DeRoche, Allison Giggey, or Carrie St. Jean) if you have any questions or concerns.

Hope to see you then!